Prenatal & Antenatal Classes

Prenatal & Antenatal care is an integral part of pregnancy and should start as soon as you find out you’re expecting. Our expert Midwife offers Antenatal classes that beneficial for expecting parents.

Fun Preggie Excersizes

Our expert Midwife will guide you through exercises that are your trimester appropriate. Exercising during pregnancy is crucial it keeps your heart strong and your muscles toned.

Postnatal Care

After baby is born, the joy and excitement can often be mixed with worrying about your new responsibilities as a parent. We are here to help and support you throughout this time.

Breastfeeding Education

Our breast-feeding education will equip you with information to make an informed choice when it comes to breastfeeding. Research has shown that children who had been breastfed had shown higher IQs.

Mom & Baby Spa

An essential component of motherhood is developing a bond with your baby. Massage is an effective way to develop an intense attachment with a baby. It also enables mothers to express their love, care and affection for their bundle of joy.

Newborn Photography

We bring experienced, professional photographers into our service to capture your baby's first photograph with a natural, artistic style. We believe that babies look the most beautiful when being held in their parents' arms or cuddled in one of their own baby blankets.

  • Short or medium term package of Home visits
  • Gives Information on breastfeeding
  • Give encouragements and answers
  • Give moments of rest for the mom
  • All services done by certified midwives, and professional nurse
  • Also accompanied by Doctor Spesialis Obstetri & Ginekologi (dr. SpOG) – by request
  • Service offered in JABODETABEK ONLY
  • Home visits off four hours and more at a time
  • Providing spa for Mom to-be
  • Spa mom
  • Postpartum Belly Wrapping Bengkung (Ibu nifas)
  • Postpartum Massage to soothe breastfeed (pijat asi atau pijat oksitosin)
  • Mom Face Accupressure (totok wajah) for relaxation
  • Providing baby spa & baby massage
  • Providing newborn care
  • Teaching baby massage if desired
  • Psychologist consultancy if desired
  • Prenatal yoga or pregnancy exercise class (at our address)
  • And many more